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My superpower is calm

My bias for action, and my strength as an arranger, help me identify next steps. Knowing the next thing helps me stay calm, balanced, and focused. Bold claim? A quote, “Margie is consistently unflappable, friendly, and supportive.


I live in SF

This is my family—my person and our 65 pound dog, Archer. In the past we had much, much larger dogs (that's Fletch on the left).

This picture is misleading; we aren't typically outdoorsy. After more than two decades here I can point you to all the dog parks, great cocktail bars, and the best patios for dining—but not great hiking spots, or lovely beaches, or parks full of redwood trees.

archer family.jpg


🪟 Be open and transparent

The more you know, the better you can work. I share as much as I can, providing context along the way. I also share my priorities and expectations and ask the same of others.

 🎉 Celebrate the wins

We all do great work and deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

💲Value is demonstrated

In the design world, we’re often asked to explain our value, to create pitch decks, and to ask for a seat at the table. Let’s stop asking permission and and just do. Share the data that shows the value of the work.

👏 Empowerment with support

I trust first, and believe you are best suited for the work you are doing. That doesn't mean you are on your own; I will provide support and guidance. But I'll also cheer you on and recognize your accomplishments.

🚫 Say no

You can’t do everything—nobody can. Instead be intentional: say no to the thousand paper cuts that get in the way of great work. Say yes to the work that has the greatest impact.

🌸 Be kind

I strive to be generous with my time, to foster psychological safety, and to provide helpful feedback. I listen with empathy.



⚖️ Fairness is a value

I may present an opposing view, or try to see things from a different perspective. 

When I do it may feel like I’m not on your side. I am; I believe you’ll be able to present a much stronger point of view when you can understand someone else’s goals and motivation.

📈 I truly believe in positive intent

That means I expect that people have taken actions with the best of intentions in mind. While impact may not always reflect intent, I try to assume the best.

 👥  I am a relator 

I’ll ask you questions about you, and take time to get to know you. This may get in your way if you have a very specific question or demand. Just let me know.

🌱 There’s always a way

Call it tenacity, determination, or eternal optimism. I believe there’s a solution for everything. Sometimes it takes a step back to reassess. Often, it means knocking on different doors. To quote Galaxy Quest, “Never give up. Never surrender”.

🚀 I have a bias for action 

While I take the time to relate, I believe in getting things done. I will take charge if things seem to be veering off course, or if there seems to be no one setting direction. I am a big believer in clearing road blocks.

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