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Dropbox, 2020-2023  see work from Dropbox

Head of Content Design

Managed a high-performing team that delivered product content design with clear business impact. Content designers embedded with teams across Dropbox, and were integral to core project releases for sync, backup, collections, and sharing, while also crafting new experiences for Capture, Sign, Replay, DocSend, Dash, and more.



  • Led team to deliver designs that achieved activation, retention, and release goals

  • Empowered content designers by establishing an engagement model for how we staff projects, giving content designers control of their roadmaps and the ability to influence product outcomes

  • Fostered a community of content designers who were internally and externally recognized as craft experts

  • Built a high-performing content design team staffed against business priorities

  • Revamped the content design team hiring process to remove bias and perception of free work

  • Fostered a sense of community through off-sites, team building activities, and OKR-focused tiger teams

Facebook, 2018–2020

Content Design Manager

Led a group of content designers developing products, such as Facebook Pages, to help small businesses grow. Built a strong culture through team-building rituals, such as workshops and design thinking activities.


  • Team delivered key design elements for Pages Integrity projects

  • Led 1:1 coaching exercises to help content designers identify growth opportunities within Facebook, resulting in designers attaining new roles and a more engaged, enthusiastic team

  • Partnered with a product design manager to provide design guidance for unstaffed teams to ensure the progression of ongoing projects and identify new high-risk areas in need of support


Sam's Club and Walmart, 2010-2018  see work from Sam's Club

Senior Manager, User Experience

Built and led a cross-discipline team of interaction designers, visual designers, and content strategists delivering large-scale releases, including Walmart Canada’s first eCommerce site, a Sam’s Club redesign, and Sam’s Club free shipping. 

Managed team operations and project allocation and defined strategic roadmaps. Forged relationships with global partners.


  • Led negotiations between a U.S. product team and a Canadian-based legal team through the design and launch of the first Canadian eCommerce site, delivering a user-friendly, legally-compliant design

  • Managed team and operations, hiring, onboarding, and promoting designers, researchers, and content designers

  • Partnered with product managers to refine roadmap presentations to senior leadership, then crafted stories and directed design to develop illustrative story boards for internal company events


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